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Some of the most moving and wonderful things are birthed in seasons of great heartache and difficulty. My Inspirational Gifts was one of those. In my season, I was comforted learning the depth of God’s love and how personal He is. In that He is Love, Himself, experiencing this made my heart burst with passion to share this comfort, courage and hope I was experiencing, with the world. However, I was more limited than ever.

I kept a sketch pad nearby and began writing and sketching cards and gifts basically, faith dreaming about someday… As I was able, I turned those sketches into actual products. As I saw people respond with such joy and surprise to my gift(s), I dreamed bigger. I took business classes and began My Inspirational Gifts. By the way, this adorable little cube you see everywhere – he’s my mascot/logo and I call him “Inspir!” (as in inspiration) Think Casper..well not really. He’s not a ghost. Never mind. I’ll quit while I’m ahead! :p

Talk about Celebrate Surprise!

My Hubby, Emile and I
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