Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday

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My husband and I were invited to watch the Super Bowl at a friends house last year. We had a table of munchies and great company to enjoy the game. As I watched this widely anticipated game, I saw the opposing team dominating the Patriots! The Patriot’s were looking…off. Even the “greatest quarterback of all time” Tom Brady didn’t seem himself. The Patriot’s went out on the field with half the world cheering them on believing they will be winners again.

God’s love for people sends us out on the playing field of earth everyday believing we will bring Him glory as He makes us winners again. He and all of heaven’s armies lead the way cheering us on. His redeemed saints prepared, coached and ready to face the opposing team…the god of this world.

Game on!

hourglass image

The clock was ticking for the Patriots.

The clock is ticking for us. (Ecc. 11:4 )

The voices in the atmosphere (like a fair-weather TV announcer) forecasted doom and gloom for the Patriots. Then the camera focused on Tom Brady. He was sitting alone with his hands on his head and bent over…as if to be praying. Was he praying? I don’t know. Suppose he was…

Today, with all the negative voices around us, the camera is focused on the family of God around the world. When the camera focuses in on us…will we be found praying or fainting?

The Patriots turned a deaf ear to the voices of doom and gloom projected in the air and persevered.

Will we?

Miraculously, the football game completely turned around for the Patriot’s that year and the intended victory that looked so impossible through most of the game was suddenly…theirs.

We must never forget, great victory awaits oneness in prayer. God’s willing. Are we? Will we experience God’s intended victory in our lives?

Our world needs us all praying like never before. The Words of comfort, courage and hope are fading from our ears. The “game” is no game for a follower of Jesus. It’s life! The Word of God tells us, “Life is but a vapor…” Let’s not forget to pray. Together, as true believers in Jesus, we can through Christ, be the MORE THAN CONQUERORS He made us to be. We can be the “Tom Brady” of our time and greater! We can in confidence deliver that effective, power packed winning play that gives us the touchdown God intends for us to experience in our lives.

So many people are looking for the secret to happiness. For a believer in Jesus, the secret to happiness is walking in the call and purpose God intended for our life. The richness of unshakeable joy not dependent on circumstances continues to baffle the world.

Let the doom and gloom messages of impending defeat be what they are. We know how they are defeated- through faith in Christ as our effectual, fervent prayers release His power to will and do of His good pleasure and give us the win we long for.

So, once again the Patriots have made it to the Super Bowl. Congratulations Patriots! Who will win? We will find out soon enough. Our homes will rock will cheering and screaming fans routing for them. Our end tables covered with favorite munchies and drinks and our undivided attention will be on that game.

Before the game sweeps us away with its demand for our attention, can I challenge each of us to not forget the Super Bowl we are in. The one God has trained us for. The one that has eternal purpose. The one that has spectators that are anxiously watching to see if we are “for real” or just a believer of convenience?

Will you join with me and so many others around the world and be the more than conquerors through Christ, God has made us to be? Will you (confident in God’s power and in the Name of Jesus) faithfully deliver power packed and effective tackles to our enemy, the god of this world… by your effectual fervent prayers. They avail much.

A football player is only as effective as his team spirit, his passion and understanding of the game. The more he understands his purpose in the game, the more his winning spirit grows. The more confidence he has in His coach, the greater his capacity to train and train well. The more confidence he gains, the more impactful the plays.

A follower of Jesus is only as effective as our oneness and Godly love for one another. The more we understand God’s plan and purpose for our life, the more we have a winners mentality and our passion to live as God intends, grows. The more confidence we have in our coach (the Holy Spirit) the greater our capacity to persevere against all odds and study to show ourselves approved unto God. The more confidence we gain in Who we love and serve, the more impactful our prayer life. The more of the winners spirit we will experience in our life. The more of a winners spirit we have, the greater our joy. Joy far out weighs…happiness. Happiness comes and goes. Joy rises above it all and just is.

The will and plan of God plus oneness = AMAZING.

(Psalm. 57:10, Hebrews. 12:1, I Thessalonians 4:17, John 3:16)

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