You Make My Heart Smile!

You Make My Heart Smile!

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Who is that special someone in your life that makes your heart smile?

you make my heart smile throw pillow
Pillow with You Make My Heart Smile Design

Who is that special someone in your life that makes your heart smile? Wouldn’t this design make a beautiful gift for them as a wall decoration, tote bag, blanket, mug…? How about making their heart smile? Follow this link to my shop. Choose this design and a product you want this design on. Order it before December 12 midnight for the “no shipping” deal.

Perhaps you would like to know the back story of this design? Read on😊

When I first drew this smiling heart I was with my one and only heaven-sent sister. We were having an absolute awesome time brainstorming about Tee shirt design possibilities in hopes I could find one to submit to a few choice publishers for “some day.”

I had previously drawn a heart with a smile and called him HT. He was the famed logo of our self published children’s magazine called Hidden Treasures. (a fun story for another time). A few of those magazines were on my desk as my sister and I brainstormed. The front cover always featured HT in various poses and scenes. That’s what led me to wonder if HT on a tee shirt would be a hit.

My sister always said my drawings make people smile…so, HT, as we fondly called him, was revamped a bit, to be better suited for a tee shirt design and other gifts like mugs, totes and wall decoration in kids rooms.

We had high hopes HT would be a hit and he was! He even had his own coloring book that ended up in 8 retail stores.


HT hidden treasures
HT's Cover Design

Back then, print on demand sites weren’t around so I was limited to what I could make for products with my designs on them. Sometimes I wonder where I would be with my art if I could have done what I hoped- but illness struck and more than once.

A few years passed and a new customer searching for a delightful heart design asked me if I had one for a project she wanted me to do. Guess what I pulled out of my archives? Yup! Revised HT.

My intent was to make her a wall decoration but as I looked at it, clearly it needed refreshing and more color.

I got out my acrylic paint and started over with the intent of creating a colorful, whimsical, feminine, must have kind of art piece.

Presto! Now that print on demand shops are a reality, this design is available on mugs, totes, wall decoration, water bottles, clothing, journal covers and so on.

Whose heart will you make smile with a gift from My Inspirational Gifts? It is my pleasure to share my designs on products you can bless your friends and family with.
I know there are so many options out there for gifts and designs and it’s miraculous you even found me in this big internet world- but you did and I am grateful.

As always, I thank you for making my heart smile by stopping by. Thank you also for choosing My Inspirational Gifts by Judy.

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