Who We Are

The brains behind the whole My Inspirational Gifts operation is Judy. Who am I?

sisters pic

I am her sister, web designer, huge fan and many other things, Rachel.

 Judy always had an innate passion to express her feelings for people and her view of the world through arts and crafts. It began at a very young age. As a youngster, she operated The Rainbow Arts Club, right out of our parents’ basement! You might say all her doodling brought her friends. 🙂

What appeared at times to be stream-of-consciousness doodling, was her joy. Doodling also evolved into many other forms of expression. This would be a good time to introduce you to this little guy:

Introducing Inspir, our mascot

Judy named this little package Inspir, as in “inspiration.” How do you say his name? Well, remember the old friendly ghost, Casper? (Yes, I knew you would!)

There you have it. “Inn-sper.” Just that easy.

Now, why on earth is this giggly looking package we call Inspir, the My Inspirational Gifts…mascot?

Thought you’d never ask. In a nutshell, he is symbolic.

Inspir symbolizes the very thing that God’s comfort, courage and hope has been to her and that’s exactly what she wants every one of her products to symbolize. In short, the only way the meaning of this comfort, courage and hope can be described, is to leave it unsaid. You might say it is an “unspeakable gift.” Words just can’t express it. So Judy doesn’t try to say it with words. She puts it in her art and her way of life so it’d be hard to miss.

Last we checked, gifts don’t speak. So think of me (Rachel) as your narrator throughout this site. Inspir is bursting at the seams to tell you so much but he outsourced the job to me.

Rach tells all with Inspir Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 6.41.03 AM copyThat’s cartoon me on the left. Guess who drew me? lol

One of my passions, incidentally, is stories. Both Judy and My Inspirational Gifts are made up of amazing stories, with complex themes and plots.

Since I am her sister, I am going to brag on Judy a little bit.

For as long as I can remember, Judy has brought joy to our hearts and smiles to our faces on even the darkest days, by expressing her love in tangible and unique ways. Yes, she might be owner of My Inspirational Gifts, but she is quite the gift to us. She is the sister I would have never thought to ask God for. I guess it’s a good thing she came first.

If you’ve ever received a handmade gift from her, you know that she puts each item together with such amazing care.