Doodles (Blog)

Here you will find a collection of writings from Judy.

When this blog was first published, trauma hit our family and it hit hard resulting in our taking a necessary long break.

My apologies for the slim pickings while we build again.

Click on the title for each excerpt, to read the full entry of the blog posts.  Thanks again for stopping by.

Blog posts from our early beginnings


D.I.Y. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Fall Wall or Door Decor

Back to school is a sure sign the fall season is nearly here. If you are looking for an easy, breezy, beautiful D.I.Y. craft for your wall or door, you might want to check this one out.                     Supplies: 1/2 inch Glue Dot (I only needed […]

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A Pop Heart Greeting Card for Your Stylist

                  I was inspired to design/write a Pop Heart Greeting Card for Hair Stylists.   Do you have a Hair Stylist you want to celebrate or thank? I have an especially good Hair Stylist who gives consistently great hair cuts, is friendly and always thoughtful. Unless I […]

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A Party Theme Favorite

I hope you are all having a great summer and getting to the ocean as much as you can! Did you ever stand on the beach and wonder if a message in a bottle will one day float your way?  As a young girl, I liked to imagine the message that might be in the […]

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A Gift That Goes on Giving

Does this pretty face remind you of anyone? Queen Elsa from Disney’s movie Frozen, perhaps? Everything about Queen Elsa in the movie Frozen was mesmerizing to me.   Her beauty and story line captured the hearts of people around the world to say nothing of her dress.  See what ABC news reported as far back as […]

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Create, Craft and Personalize a Snack Shack

Did someone say create and craft?   I recently saw a sign on Pinterest that said:  I only craft on days ending in “Y” I love that line.  It fits me perfectly. Today is a day ending in “Y” so guess what I am doing?  Yup.  Making a craft.   Family beware.  I’m about to enter…the […]

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Gifted Artisans

What is an artisan?  A skilled person in an applied art.  (Websters Dictionary) A crafter who creates things by hand that may be for functional or strictly decorative use (Wikipedia) As you know, we are not all born with the same gift(s).  Every talent or gift has been given to us by a Master Creator. […]

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All Occasion Cards and New Gifts

New Designs – New Gifts! We have been busy handcrafting some really fun cards and gifts we think you will love. Here is a sneak peak at a few of our newest cards and gifts. Click on the keepsake box above and see other gifts available with this design and others in our store on […]

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Spring Into Action and Make a Fun Birdhouse

As I listened to the raindrops pelting on my window…again.   I resisted the temptation to be disappointed. Yes, it’s spring.  Yes, it’s raining.  Yes, the warm rays of the sun are hidden under gray clouds and yes, the happy tweeting of birds is not the sound I awoke too today or the past three […]

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Copper to the Rescue

Hi all, This is a more personal post today.  It will partially explain the big gap between this post and the last. Not too long ago, I developed achy hands.  I had no previous health condition effecting my hands (that I was aware of) and wanted to keep it that way. The very possibility that […]

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Going Deeper

With the amount of snow that has blanketed our corner of the world as of late, I have had to leave the news channel on much more. There are some pretty heart wrenching events going on in our world today.  They come closer to home everyday.  Some events are harder to take than others. The […]

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